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Fashion Week for Super Heroes

New York Comic Con 2017

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Dream Hotel with Emma Hausen

This dress was made from a fabric that is featured prominently in the hotel rooms. We quickly threw a shoot together because we were expecting a heavy rain and wanted to get some great content out in the storm. It didn't rain. We salvaged the day by getting a little silly. Emma was fantastic.

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Dream Hotel with Nancy Pop A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with Nancy Pop on a photoshoot for the Dream Hotel. I cannot say enough about what a joy she was to work with. At one point I decided it would be a great idea to slice open a feather pillow and cover the entire room with them. It was not a good idea but Nancy went with it anyways and we got a decent shot out of it. I hope you enjoy.

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Monarch NYC

This place is breathtaking. As soon as you step off the elevators and the night air hits you, you forget about whats going on 200 feet below.

In the immortal words of Geordi La Forge," But you don't have to take my word for it."

Monarch is on 35th and 6th, top floor.

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